Texas’ plan to provide water for a growing population virtually ignores climate change

Texas’ biggest single solution to providing enough water for its soaring population in the coming decades is using more surface water, including about two dozen new large reservoirs. But climate change has made damming rivers a riskier bet. Read more on

“It’s destroying me”: Storm after storm, climate change increases strain on Texans’ mental health

Tens of thousands of coastal Texas residents have survived repeated extreme weather events including Hurricane Harvey. For many, it has taken an emotional toll, and researchers warn that climate change could be “catastrophic” for our mental health. Read more on

Homeless Texans left with few places to cool off during record heat

Heat-related emergency calls have spiked amid historic heat. Cooling centers are available in major cities but often close in the late afternoon — during the hottest parts of the day. Read more on

Smog levels in Texas surge during heat wave, bringing worst summer air quality in a decade

Emissions are reacting with the summer heat, made worse by climate change, to create high levels of smog. But state officials are pushing back on ozone pollution controls proposed by the EPA, arguing such rules would compromise the power grid. Read more on