HOUSTON — Hi, I’m the economy reporter for the Houston Chronicle.


Enterprise business reporting is my strength. I pride myself on strong sources and data visualization and interpretation. I’m most skilled at covering economics, energy and the environment, but I dabble in policy, politics and breaking news, too.

I have undergraduate degrees in economics and journalism from Colorado State University. I know a bit about all kinds of energy, and I have a background in oil markets reporting, due to my previous internship at Bloomberg.

I care a lot about power: who has it, who doesn’t and why. Institutional transparency and the financial future of local journalism are important to me, particularly after my first internship with The Denver Post.

My family tends to be on the road a lot, so I am too. I grew up in Colorado, and my family is from Tennessee and Florida. I miss the mountains, but I’m enjoying the return to southern culture, where life is slower, the food is better and the news is plentiful.