That old Tuff Shed in the backyard? Turn it into a man cave, “she shed” or cat house

The Tuff Shed, which has humbly sheltered lawnmowers and bikes in suburban backyards for decades, is becoming a new summer Pinterest project for a small but proud group of DIY homeowners.

Custom sheds are the newest trend in home improvement. From recording studios to gardening centers, man caves to “she sheds,” cat houses to giant tortoise shelters, homeowners are limited only by their imaginations. A few have gone so far as to turn their sheds into full-time residences — mirroring the “tiny house” craze.

Denver-based Tuff Shed and others in the business are capitalizing on the growing backyard-living movement. After the first began to pop up in the early 2000s, custom sheds for alternative uses such as home offices and guest rooms have gradually picked up steam.

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