At Cory Gardner’s Greeley town hall, conversation stubbornly keys on health care

GREELEY – U.S. Sen. Gardner took the stage at the second of three town halls Tuesday to a mixture of cheers and boos and, despite efforts by his aides to encourage attendees to ask a wider variety of questions, faced many inquiries on health care.

They centered on his lack of support for single-payer care, what he’d do to prevent the disadvantaged from losing Medicaid and his reasons to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, when many his constituents don’t want him to.

One woman, a single mother with two young daughters who depend on Medicaid, asked Gardner what he will do to make sure she can afford health care, to a standing ovation from the crowd. Another man who identified himself as disabled asked Gardner why his health care proposals don’t prioritize people like him.

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