Editorial: Young conservatives need to do more than just “condemn” white nationalists

Editorial: The Collegian condemns Nazis, white nationalists or anyone else who spreads hateful and dangerous ideology. We’re grateful that CSU and many conservative and liberal student leaders did the same. But, we do not believe “condemning” extremists is enough. Implicit and subtle racist rhetoric also needs to be explicitly and directly rejected.

Why I threw a fit over a closed-door student government meeting

Last Wednesday, for the first time after two years of covering CSU’s student government, I spoke on the floor during a meeting. I said something along the lines of: “We’re not going to leave; the press will stay here.” The Associated Students of Colorado State University’s senate is currently in the process of attempting to impeach the student body president. But, they don’t seem to want to tell anyone why they’re trying to impeach him. On Wednesday, they tried to call an “executive session,” in order to discuss the alleged violations without the public – including journalists – present.